Proof Behind The Tipple

Spilling through the history of the cocktail

La Chiquita

The Renaissance may have given the world Humanism and the idea that the Earth revolves around the sun, but the craft bartender and Tiki renaissance has once again given the … Continue reading

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Stone Fruit Gin&Ginger

The Stone Fruit Gin&Ginger. Nectarines, mint, gin and ginger beer. The combination can make you feel like Audrey Hepburn window shopping at Tiffany’s. Or, depending on which gin is added, … Continue reading

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The Papaya Splitter

Papaya was gifted to the world from Central America, and now the papaya tree grows up to 33 feet high in tropical areas around the world. This original cocktail excludes … Continue reading

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The Summertime Slammer

An original summer cocktail for all of the summer-fruit-pool-cocktail-alcohol lovers out there. The fruit garnish is interchangeable, always use what is fresh in the area, but the mint leaves, mint … Continue reading

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The Dark and Stormy

    Jack Sparrow drank a lot of rum. “Why is the rum gone,” is a popular meme, for good reason. The quote even has a remix on YouTube. Although … Continue reading

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The Bronx Terrace

The Bronx Terrace is a mysterious drink. The first taste makes you want to imitate a fountain, the second taste of heavy lime makes you pucker and the finish is … Continue reading

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The Rosemarita

High–end tequila makers like Casa Noble and Casa Dragones are creating tequila meant to be sipped neat or with a single cube of ice rather than thrown back in a … Continue reading

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White Sangria

It’s summer, and Proof Behind The Tipple’s cocktails have been stuck in a summer haze for some time. That doesn’t end here. Sangria, from the Latin sangre, meaning blood, uses … Continue reading

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Watermelon Gin Julep

F. Scott Fitzgerald believed in the powers of gin, although I don’t believe his theory that the juniper and liquor smell of gin goes unnoticed by people who may smell … Continue reading

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The Dirty Martini

As every red-blooded American knows, the martini is a classic with many sisters, step-sisters and cousins. I wrote about the alleged history of the martini while making a very distant … Continue reading

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